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Whilst fishing on the Zambezi River one day, Wade and Daniel noticed local Zambians drinking water directly from the river, the conversation then turned to the bottled water they had in their cooler boxes and why it was so expensive and out of reach of a vast majority of Zambian people. They identified some reasons that bottled water was so expensive, firstly when you buy a bottle of water besides paying for the water itself you pay for the bottle, you also pay for the cap and the label, then on top of that you pay for the transport, not only does this cost a lot but the exhaust fumes and empty bottles are a major source of pollution within the country. After this Wade and Daniel set out to find a way to:

1) reduce the cost of quality drinking water
2) reduce pollution and
3) let small scale Zambian entrepreneurs benefit and share in the profits of pure drinking water.

Hence the Pure Water Filling Station business concept was born. It is Wade and Daniels goal to team up with Zambian entrepreneurs from every corner of Zambia to sell quality Pure Drinking Water to the general public at an affordable price whilst reducing pollution and sharing the profits with the same entrepreneurs.


Daniel Jankowski

Daniel has been happy to call Zambia home since 2002 having grown up in Africa. After leaving university with an MA in Economics Daniel worked in finance in London, before starting his business in building hardware importation & distribution. When not in Zambia Daniel’s passion is adventures in the high mountains.

Daniel can be contacted at daniel@webuildspace.com

Wade Seymour

Wade Seymour

Being a native of Australia, Wade had travelled the world extensively before arriving and setting up business in Zambia in 1997, he successfully started and managed 2 businesses prior to starting Container Solutions with his long time friend, Daniel Jankowski. Having been in Zambia since 1997 and also involved in the construction industry, Wade along with Daniel identified the need for quick, inexpensive, space solutions for the mining, agricultural, medical and education industries, hence Container Solutions was born. Being a hands-on type of person Wade is readily available to assist and advise you in the right direction, helping you to choose the right product for your needs.

Wade can be contacted at wade@webuildspace.com

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